Do your team, need to..


Then you came to the right place. We have the high bitrate servers, you have the people.
Just create a passworded channel, and enjoy the sweet voice of your teammates.

Voice servers

Our Teamspeak can be found on, and the Mumble can be found on

  • History

    We have been playing around with servers since 2007 and our Teamspeak 3 server has been running since 2009. We don't believe in limiting voice quality solves anything. So you don't need to have low bitrates like they use on Discord here. Let the team hear your beautiful voice in highest quality ..and your voice are also encrypted ;)

  • Rules?

    Just be nice, don't put NSFW in avatars. We're not forcing you to use our services. Just leave if you can’t be nice. Please keep in mind, that kids use our servers too, so it’s probably not a good idea to show NSFW content ;)
    Please don't use [tags] in your nickname.
    Admins can be recognised by the crown icon.

Voice are not the only service we provide. We have much more fun things hidden from the public, they are on less powerful servers to keep the cost down.
If you need something that are not game servers, just ask us! Maybe we have it!

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During the past month, we have seen N/A (still loading) unique users connecting to the Teamspeak server.
Need more statistics? Try Gametracker, Listforge or ts3index


I've heard that ________ is closing?
There's a 99.99999999% chance it’s a lie! We won't close anything that has daily users on them. Our plan is to do our best, to keep everything available for as long there's enough users.
There's 7 running in total to keep up all PwNt.dK acitivities (yes we have hidden services). For Voice we use 3 of them (1 for Teamspeak & Mumble, 1 for MySQL and 1 for webhosting). The total costs of the voice and website server is 85 EUR each month excluding annual fees.

It's free for you to use :)
NO! PwNt.dK are a non-commercial project. Please stop sending business inquiries and other things. We can't sell or buy anything, there's no money here.
It's just a personal hobby project, because hosting is fun when people use it.
Just because you have nothing to hide, doesn't mean you want to tell everyone everything. Spying on people is NOT okay, and we don't like that. So the only solution for that is to use encryption. And that's why it's enabled on our Mumble, Teamspeak and the website here. The voice servers have it ALWAYS enabled. It's optional for this website, as it's just a landing page.. (and your ISP already know you're here because of the DNS lookup)

Got other questions?

Need any help? We're here for you! Our response time is between one millisecond and a few years.

Normally we could have a big nice webform that you could fill in your support request. However Freshdesk API is really really unstable, and needed repeating attempt for a minute before they got it. So you'll have to send an email to [email protected] instead